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A word of caution about forums in general: There are tons of them out there, and there are some useful things to know. The first thing you want to remember is called OPSEC. Operational Security. As in "You don't really know if you're talking to a Marine Wife or to a member of a terrorist cell." It sounds melodramatic, but tons of information can be gathered on open forums... information about troop movements: "My hubby gets home in 4 days!" when you've previously posted items about where the reunion will be, or what unit he is with. Or information about YOUR movements -- Don'tcha think that knowing which military wives are home alone all day might be a tempting target? Protect yourself and your Marine!

The second thing to know is that the person you are talking to may not be a spy, but may still be completely fake. In my years on various forums I have seen more than a handful of frauds, including a couple who took money from people under various pretenses. Be cautious with your personal information and your money. If you plan a get-together, have it in a public place such as a restaurant.

Now, moving beyond sensible issues like security... here's a common problem. "I just signed up on a forum and started posting and they're all calling me a troll!" Well, first thing to know is that troll means someone who is either totally fake, or just there to stir up trouble. Usually someone who just signed up today and is posting inflammatory things like "Marines are stupid wife-beaters" or just generally starting crap. The best way to not be seen as a troll is to sign up, introduce yourself, and stick to reading for a bit. See how the flow of the board is. What kind of behavior is tolerated. Who the alpha dogs and the underdogs are. Save the drama for yo' mama, at least for a while.

The last thing I'm going to address is "But they're all mean!" Every forum's "tone" will be dictated by it's membership. And just like cliques in high school, there are certain places where the mean girls are, and certain places where the band geeks are... If you haven't found the place where you fit in, keep looking. Just being married to Marines is not going to make us all automatically family, or even friends, regardless of the images you may have in your mind. There is not just ONE forum out there.... there are tons, as evidenced by the *partial* list below. There is an internet "home" for you somewhere within the circles of Marine Corps Wives. You just have to find the right one.

I'm not going to bother with the coding to turn these into links, so just copy and paste.

I recommend these ones.

I do not have an opinion on any of these, but they are here for you to make your own decisions.